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Rowing machines provide a full body workout that engages core muscle groups while strengthening and improving posture. Our team is dedicated to assisting users in selecting the rowing machine that fits their needs from the three categories of rowing machines, magnetic, air, and water resistance. The loudest of rowing machines is the air resistance rowers, which generate more sound as the fans resistance increases. Water rowers minimize the sound of resistance just as the rotation of water occurs with rowing resistance. Magnetic rowers are the least noisy as there is almost no sound caused by resistance during workout. We stock high quality rowing machines from brands such as WaterRower, Care, York fitness, and Concept 2. Water resistance rowers give users a sense of real rowing as the water swooshes throughout use. The more force that is exerted in pulling causes there to be more resistance. Select magnetic rowers have programming capabilities that will increase resistance over time. A key feature of magnetic rowers is they utilize a magnetic brake system, which eliminates noise that would occur in air and water resistance rowers. The noise caused by the resistance of the rower could be a major factor to consider in selecting from the different types of rowers.

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