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Our Elliptical trainers offer workouts that condition and strengthen the full body while minimizing the amount of stress that joints, ankles, and knees endure. The elliptical trainers provide an intense cardio workout while minimizing stress on joints. We offer a selection of brands of Elliptical/Cross Trainers including Care, York Fitness, and Inspire. Our Elliptical/Cross Trainers range in price from €820-€1200. Elliptical trainers are very easy to use and require very little experience to put in a full body conditioning workout. Elliptical/Cross Trainers provide a hybrid workout experience of both cardio and strength training perfect for full body conditioning. Cross Trainers minimize the risk the risk of injury while strengthening and conditioning the full body. Cross trainers come with various resistance levels for all skill levels of athletes. Our team can assist in helping select the perfect cross trainer that will fit the needs of fulfilling and achieving conditioning goals. Our selection of Elliptical/Cross Trainer machines varies to fit the needs of every skill level.

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