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Our range of treadmills accommodate all skill levels of runners and our variety of selection offers both home and commercial treadmills. Cushioned running decks provide an impact-absorbing surface that is friendlier on the body than outside runs on concrete. Treadmills are foldable providing for easy storage to maximize space. Heart rate monitors give immediate feedback to show runners the amount of calories burnt and can be used as a motivational tool. Many of our models offer advanced displays that show runners the distance, time, calories burnt, incline, and speed. We stock high quality brands of treadmills such as Care and York Fitness. Our treadmills provide wide running tracks to accommodate runners of all size and are optimal for intense cardio workouts. Our team is very knowledgeable of our product and can assist in helping any runner select the treadmill that will best suit their needs. All of our treadmills are easy to use and require no past experience to operate with ease. Select models offer a programming system which will help runners set and achieve goals as they better their cardiovascular stamina. Running on hard surfaces such concrete or other terrain can damage joints, treadmills have much less impact on the joints while providing the same exercise.

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